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So yeah, I have a spare copy of both the first Transformers The Ark volume and the Beast Wars The Gathering TPB and it seems they've been out of print and hard to find for a while now. Both are in inmaculate condition and of course come from a 100% smoke-free home and all that jazz :P In case you're interested, please check out… and…

Thanks! :P

EDIT: well also if any of you still like Linkin Park, there's a bunch of fanclub exclusive stuff up for auction here… :)
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So I'm back to working on advertising / design and actually enjoying it. As you may have seen, I recently updated my gallery with a couple of projects from my Master's degree (:music: I'm loving it :music:). I'll be submitting more in the next few days and also start submitting some samples from my real job, now that I'm mostly into corporate identity.

I also left my job at the newspaper in order to focus on advertising and corporate stuff again, and now I feel it's time to get this gallery look like a real one and not just a small child's passtime so I'll be sending my pics to the scraps section and trying to update my gallery more often.

Heh, I need to take a look at DA gallery's folders and all that as well. I guess (I hope) it'll be easy, as everyone around seems to be happy with this feature. Definitely looks useful, anyway.

I think that's all for now. Long live IRON MAN!!
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:angered: I got tagged by :iconfargnay:


Oh yeah, rules are as follow:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person should post 8 aleatory facts of themselves.
3. Tagged people should write a journalblog about these facts.
4. In the end tag and name 8 people.
5. Go to their dA pages and comment saying that they are tagged and hugged.

Now, the facts:

1. My favourite actor is Jack Nicholson and my favourite movie ever is As good as it gets. I also really like Al Pacino (man you rock), Robin Williams and Liam Neeson, to name a few.

2. I love Transformers (G1 characters), specially the good old japanese ones, and the current comics from IDW Publishing. I'd LOVE to become a comic writer or editor one day.

3. I work as an advertising copywriter and designer AND as a local digital newspaper editor-in-chief and get paid too low for both jobs (and I mean it... way too low). I'm also in the middle of a PhD AND a Master's degree. All at the same time, yeah.

4. My true vocation is teaching, and I'm studying hard so that I can become a professor one day, though I wouldn't mind working as a high or even primary school teacher as well. Working as a radio show host (radio presenter? I know the name in spanish but don't know if that's correct in english) is something I'd love, too.

5. I like listening to music anytime, and my musical tastes are a bit eclectic. Both Michael Jackson and Marilyn Manson are among my top favourites. I also love Godhead, Cold, HIM, The 69 Eyes, Deathstars, KMFDM, Charon, Nightwish... bands like Linkin Park, Evanescence or Papa Roach (yeah, so what?), electronic stuff like Apoptygma Berzerk and Aural Vampire, classics like Santana and Eric Clapton and, more recently, Stevie Wonder and Rick Astley :P

6. Comic artists I admire include John Byrne and Jim Lee, Salvador Larroca and Carlos Pacheco (the best X-men came from spanish artists, yep!), Humberto Ramos and Chris Bachalo, Frank Miller, Geoff Senior... and the amazing Leinil Francis Yu. More specifically from the Transformers comics, Nick Roche and E.J. Su f*cking ROCK.

7. I love philosophy and my favourite authors are Plato and Descartes. Besides philosophy and advertising / marketing / design books, I don't read too much (and I know I should :depressed:)

8. The X Files and I, Claudius are the best TV series EVER and if don't agree you deserve only death :furious:

EDIT: oops, I posted 10 facts... didn't notice I was supposed to write only 8... meh, whatever.

9. I absolutely love eating, specially indian, japanese and of course spanish food. I'm not really good at cooking but I try hard and actually enjoy it :chew:

10. Old arcade videogames as Golden Axe, Final Fight, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Streets of Rage are the best :P also Sonic is the coolest videogame character ever, and Sega will always rule.

Ahem... ok, now I tag:

:iconbyjana: :iconneoconvoy: :iconincubo13: :iconmarcelomatere: :iconjavierreyes: :iconmilkmanx: :iconthelastcybertronian: :iconbabemause:
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I leave for Madrid tomorrow morning for this spanish version of Botcon!! :giggle:  This means 100% Transformers fans with 0% Hasbro support (well at least for now) and... hmmm... hey, we'll be playing a Transformers Trivial game :P

So yeah, our own little Botcon (actually called JDT: Jornadas De Transformers) takes place during this weekend and I'll be meeting a couple friends there, I'm eager to meet artist Iván Mas I've worked with recently but have never met in person before. We'll take prints of our Transformers Mosaic efforts to help make the place look a little better (or that's Iván's idea, anyway!!) :clap:

What else? Hmmm... IDW Publishing has been releasing some great comics recently which actually makes me less rich than 2 months ago: Transformers, 30 Days of night (now a major motion picture), Beowulf movie adaptation and so on. Glad to know my favourite charaters are in such safe hands :D

Also last monday I decided to sell my Warhammer comics and books. I won't be selling any of the miniatures from my beloved Undead army (lol) but I'm not into the game itself anymore so I guess it's time for them to leave home. Anybody interested? Drop me a line, everything's going on Ebay :lmao:

I think that's all for now. See you soon! :P

EDIT: oh sh*t, I only corrected a typo and didn't think unmarking "this edit is minor" would change the entry's date :( Well anyway, I'm updating my gallery with some really old stuff, I won't say "hope you like" as I think that's quite difficult... but at least I hope you check them out :blushes:
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I've been itching to comment on a few things here for a while now. Man I hate blogs :confused:

So... an old customer I met 6 months ago called me and offered me this new job... I'm now the director/ editor-in-chief of a local (digital) newspaper and it's been a lot of fun so far. Very little money nonetheless, but we hope it'll get better soon.

I also submitted my dissertation on Internet marketing and explained it to 3 "judges" (somewhat important professors who deliberate over the quality of my investigation, sorry I don't know what that's called in proper english), getting an A+. I'm one step closer to becoming a professor myself now :)

July 4th was the day. Not that it's an important date here in Spain, but it was the Transformers movie (half-world) premiere and I bought the tickets on advance so that I'd be able to watch it the same night with my little brother. As I'm such a die-hard fan I didn't really like it (specially Bay's poor camera work won't let you know who's hitting who), but it was okay anyway and it seems most people like it so let's keep on supporting the franchise and hope for a sequel :nana:

Heh, I also submitted my first comic effort ever. We TransFans at the IDW boards are creating some one-pagers which are featured on several forums: Transformers MOSAIC is in no way officially related with either IDW Publishing or Hasbro, it's all fan-to-fan stuff you can check out here transformers-mosaic.deviantart…. The Curse (starring Blurr, "the fastest mech in all creation") is written by yours truly with art by my friend Iván Mas

What else... well I bought some more cd's lately. Santana's Best Of (currently playing) and Supernatural (it won 9 grammys!!) are now another small part of my collection. I also found Linkin Park's Minutes to midnight quite cheap on Ebay and got it too. So different from what they got us used to, but it's not a bad album at all.

What really brought a huge smile to my face was finally getting one of Godhead's long-out-of-print earliest efforts: after so many years, Nothingness is now in my collection!! :giggle:

And the big news is, next tuesday (July 24th) I have another job interview. I'm to start working for a public organism called Cámara de Comercio (it literally means Commerce Chamber, or Trade Chamber, but I guess that doesn't make sense in english, hehe). I'll be the new teacher for some businessmen who want to learn their first thing about marketing and communication. And they pay so much better than my last jobs hehe (and truth is, I love teaching!).

Well, apart from some more Transformers comics, I think that's all for now. Until next time, dear deviants! :D
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